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Small Farms Network Bungendore workshop

Upcoming events for small farms

We are excited to introduce a new event series called the Farmers’ Postcard. The Farmers’ Postcard events are short and to the point (2-3 hours), covering a specific topic in more depth. Perfect for busy people.

Keeping Horses at Pasture with Helena Warren

27 July and 31 August 2019

Pasture expert and horsewoman Helena Warren from Cadfor Equestrian and Murray Greys will lead this two day workshop about pastures and horses. Find out the feeding requirements for horses in different levels of work, understand condition scoring for horses, learn about manipulating your pasture and managing your horses to achieve good ground cover. Helena will also discuss the factors that contribute to laminitis, stringhalt and managing worm burdens.

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Revegetation for Small Farms Workshop

17 August 2019

What helps to make a revegetation project on a small rural block work? Find out what options you have for growing new native trees and shrubs on your place and strategies for success. This workshop led by Owen Whitaker from Natural Capital will give you information to help bring your vision of a beautiful, diverse farm landscape to reality.

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Finding Mr Fox and Managing Ms Rabbit

8 September 2019

Foxes are one of the top predators threatening the survival of native wildlife and have been estimated to cause over $227 million damage to Australia’s agricultural industries. Learn about the best practice management methods available for fox management and rabbits in peri urban areas including use of wildlife cameras, humane traps and other equipment.

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