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A passion for rations: supplementary feeding workshop
Saturday 28 July 2018 10.30am-3.00pm Bungendore area

This workshop is all about supplementary feeding livestock for small farmers. The day will include theoretical and practical sessions to help you understand how to feed your livestock to save time and money. What are the best types of feed for your herd? What are the nutritional requirements of different classes of stock and what are the best feeds for them? You will learn about practical condition scoring and weighing stock. How to supplementary feed to minimise wastage and choosing the right feeds for your animals. The current climate conditions and outlook for spring will also be discussed. Other topics will include mineral supplements, animal health and what nutritional disorders can effect livestock when the grass starts growing again.

Our workshop presenters are Darren Price from Price Rural Consulting and Helen Smith, Agricultural Advisor from South East Local Land Services. Spaces at this workshop are limited and bookings are essential.

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