Healthy Land, Healthy Horse 2

25 March 2017 9.00 am-3.30 pm Bywong NSW

Would you like to develop a horse property plan that uses the natural grazing behaviour of horses to benefit the land and the wider environment? At this workshop you will develop a property plan that is horse and human friendly which maximises the natural resources available.

Participants will develop a deeper understanding of how horses’ natural behaviour can be harnessed to manage pastures and how infrastructure can be centralised. The workshop will include information about horse health and welfare, the relationship between horses and pasture, pasture management systems, water planning, worm/manure management and how to save time and resources on your horse property. Activities include seminars, hands-on property planning and a paddock walk at a horse property.

This workshop is the second in the Small Farms Network Equiculture series. Ideally participants will have attended Healthy Land, Healthy Horse 1 or a similar workshop by Equiculture to get the most from this workshop.


Stuart Myers BA(Hons) from Equiculture

Stuart is co-founder of Equiculture with wife Jane Myers (MSc Equine). Stuart presents courses, talks, workshops and seminars on the subject of environmentally sustainable horse keeping practices in Australia and the UK. He is the co-author of several books on the subject of environmentally sustainable horse keeping and the creator of the concept – The Equicentral System – an environmentally sustainable system of equine management.

Jennie Curtis BSc (Hons), MLandArch from Fresh Landscape Design

Jennie Curtis is an award winning Registered Landscape Architect based in Bywong. She has designed landscapes for over 250 gardens and small farms including the Roogulli small farm in Bywong which has been open to the public on several occasions. Jennie will be working with participants in this workshop to help them identify landscape opportunities and constraints for their properties using aerial photos and their knowledge of their land. This will lead into planning how different parts of the property can be used.

The cost of this workshop is $ 60.00 per ticket (plus a booking fee of $3.69) with up to two people per property able to attend. A large part of the costs for this course have been subsidised by funding from the Australian Government. Numbers are limited and bookings are essential. Lunch, morning tea and resources for property planning are supplied. Address supplied when you register.

You can purchase an aerial photograph for property planning when you book or supply your own.