About the Network

Are you wondering how to make your small farm more productive? Wanting to establish shelterbelts, rehabilitate a creek or fix erosion? Tired of sitting on the lawn mower all weekend? Need to learn how to care for and manage farm animals? Wondering what to do about weeds? You are not the only one and you have come to the right place!

The Small Farms Network – Capital Region is a grassroots information service run by small farmers for small farmers. We use the term ‘farm’ pretty loosely to mean any rural property including bush blocks.

Workshops for small farmers

In 2017 we became State Landcare Champions and received the Australian Government Excellence in Sustainable Farm Practices award.

Our network runs field days, workshops and other events packed with high quality information relevant to managing small rural properties in the NSW Southern Tablelands. By getting groups of interested people together, we can organise specialist presenters to run workshops about the topics that people living on small farms tell us they need to learn about. Most workshops are hosted on local farms.

Topics depend on the interests of participants but can include:
– managing weeds and pests
– revegetation and establishing trees
– grazing techniques
– animal husbandry
– property planning
– fruit and vegie growing.

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This project is currently supported by funding from South East Local Land Services.