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Small Farms Network Capital Region delivers the Land for Wildlife (LfW) program in the Palerang region (area of former Palerang Council).

A key feature of the Land for Wildlife program is the free environmental property assessment provided to eligible landholders. This assessment includes:

  • a visit to the property by a consultant to assess the environmental sustainability of the property and any management issues
  • species lists identifying native and exotic plants growing on the property
  • site report advising on how to manage environmental issues such as erosion, wildlife habitats and weeds
  • advice on how to integrate wildlife conservation into the property’s usual farming/management practices.

The program is available to landholders who:

  • have properties with half a hectare or more of native bush land
  • are willing to manage all or part of their property in an environmentally sustainable way
  • own a rural property ranging from a small bush block up to large farming and grazing operations.

Land for Wildlife is a voluntary property registration scheme that aims to assist landholders to maintain wildlife habitats on their land. Registration is free and non-binding. The good faith agreement does not change the legal status of the properties and information is confidential.

In addition to environmental property assessments,
Land for Wildlife gives landholders the opportunity
to participate in workshops, meet like minded people
and receive up to date information via fact sheets and
regular newsletters.

Benefits of joining Land for Wildlife

There is no cost and the title of the property is not affected.

Registration puts you in touch with other like-minded people.

Contact us if you would like to get involved.


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