Getting started on a small rural property
Rural Living Guide from South East Local Land Services is a good place to start. Every time we have hard copies of this guide they get snapped up like hot cakes. You can read the PDF version any time.
PICs and NLIS – information you need to know about keeping and moving livestock between properties before you buy livestock

Overview of managing small blocks in the Capital region from Wamboin Gearys Gap Landcare group including an extensive list of plants suitable for planting on rural blocks in our region.

Weeds and pest animals
Information sheets and strategies for weeds in our region from Molonglo Catchment Group
Integrated Weed Management Plan – A Land Managers Guide from South East Local Land Services leads you through the process of working out a plan for working with the weeds on your property

See also our Working with Weeds Workshop summary.
Information sheets for pest animals for our region from Molonglo Catchment Group
Information from South East Local Land Services about pest animal control

Soils and pasture
Video presentations from the Alternative Fertilisers Trial seminar held in Bookham in 2015. There are many theories about how to improve soil fertility in pastures. Here are results based on rigorous scientific investigation.
Dean Revell has a PhD in animal nutrition and was a lead researcher for the Enrich project looking at native forage shrubs in grazing systems. He led the SFN Capital Region’s Fodder Workshop in 2016. His website has links to three online books using about fodder shrubs. (
PROGRAZE (TM) is longer workshop series builds skills in managing pastures and grazing for profit and sustainability. The course runs fairly regularly but if you are in a hurry you can have a look at the manual online.

Land for Wildlife

A free, non binding property registration scheme for landowners wanting to manage their land for biodiversity and wildlife habitat. When you register for the program you get a free native vegetation survey and access to a regular email update.


See our Feathers and Fowl Field Day summary.

A USA based site but good for those interested in all things sheep.
All things Sheep with a great event calendar showing all sheep related events across NSW.

See also our Sheep Husbandry field day summary and Lamb Marking workshop summary.

Sheep management calendar template
Lets you plan ahead.

Beef calendar of operations by South East Local Land Services – what to do and when – was written for the NSW south coast but a useful guide for the Capital region too.

See also our Cattle Husbandry field day summary.


See our Horse Property Planning Workshop key points and Healthy Land, Healthy Horse summary.

Email them with your postal address and they’ll send you a free info pack on everything alpaca.

Information on options for raising goats.


See our Fencing – How and Where workshop report

Good range of books, everything from beekeeping to small cattle for small farms.
AgGuide and Agskills books – advice on natural resource management and all sorts of farming written by technical experts at Department of Primary Industries. A good place for new small farmers to start.

Rural related training courses
The Small Farms Network based on the NSW South Coast.
ACT and South East NSW business and community lead organisation focused on growing local and regional food communities. Runs  courses related to permaculture and urban food production.
Tocal College is part of NSW Department of Primary Industries and runs many rural related courses about agricultural and conservation land management in person and online.

Rural information from organisations
ACT and South East NSW business and community lead organisation focussed on growing local and regional food communities. Recently merged with Permaculture eXchange to create Southern Harvest Education.
Landcare Australia – find your local Landcare group
Australian Government Statutory body that works with industry in research and development in the rural sector. Has loads of information and resources on its site across all the rural industries.
A great initiative of RIRDC and allows you to find suitable crop and animal enterprises by entering a type or by entering your postcode.
NSW Department of Primary Industries has done a huge amount of research related to farming. Their website has many Agfact sheets written by the researchers about every practical farm related topic you can imagine. : Agriculture Victoria has some great information for new landholders, some of it Victorian based, but most of it suitable for all.

Our supporters and collaborators
Palerang Local Network for Sustainability who helped us get started and run community projects (watch this space for future bulk buy battery scheme for household solar power).
Our regional NSW Government Local Land Services (LLS) who encourage and fund us plus provide expert technical staff to support our workshops.
ACT Landcare have helped us to run workshops and run a busy program of activities in the ACT.