Sheep handling ideas webinar

Sunday 22 March 2020

The network’s very first webinar was a discussion about sheep handling on small farms. Things like yard setup, weighing sheep and feeding out can be done in many ways. The scale of small farm operations means that producers need to find cost-effective, practical solutions to everyday sheep handling tasks that our larger farming cousins take for granted. Sometimes these solutions can be slower to carry out but when there are only a few sheep, this is not necessarily a problem. This webinar, presented by Jennie Curtis from Roogulli Farm, was a chance for small farmers to see some ideas for sheep handling equipment, learn from each other and ask questions.

Jennie, with assistance from Alice McGlashan, created the video below showing yards for small flocks, a way to weigh sheep, a method for tipping sheep up and a variety of feeders. The video is just under 10 minutes and can be watched here.

For more useful information you can read our workshop summaries on sheep, see the links below:

Sheep Husbandry with Doug Alcock (drenching, yards, vaccinations, foot trimming).

Lamb Marking and Weaning

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For general principles of yard design and the U-Bugle design in particular see The ‘U’ bugle sheep yard from NSW DPI.

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Thank you to Jennie Curtis, Alice McGlashan and Chris Curtis for assisting with this webinar and donating their time.

The Small Farms Network Capital Region received funding from the Every Bit Counts project. The Every Bit Counts project has been funded by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.